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  • Risk Type: High

    In this service we provide 1-2 intraday calls in Base Metal & Energy with a high level of accuracy. This package is for traders trading in Base Metal & Energy segments of MCX. In this pack we provide intraday trading recommendation in Base metal &, Energy. Where the calls are prepared by qualitative analysis or various technicalities as well data like International data, LME data etc, for preparing the most accurate tips in the market. We provide maximum benefit to traders extracting major movement in commodities in form of trading levels. Check our product offering for exploring the opportunities in this segment.

    • In this pack we will provide you 1-2 calls in a day.
    • Each call consists of 3 targets and 1 Stop loss.
    • Maximum 2 open positions at a time.
    • Proper follow-ups and Market News Updates.
    • We provide our Clients very good accuracy in this service.
    • Important Data like LME, US data is also provided in this pack.

    • Calls will be given only on SMS & Instant Messenger.
    • India: All GSM & CDMA Networks Covered.
  • SELL LEAD BELOW 169.60 TGT 169.10-168.60-168.10 SL 170.10.

    SELL ZINC BELOW 214.60 TGT 214.10-213.60-213.10 SL 215.60.

    BUY COPPER ABOVE 478 TGT 480-482-484 SL 474.

    BUY NICKEL ABOVE 1060 TGT 1065-1070-1075 SL 1050.


Monthly 7000 Buy
Bimonthly NA Buy
Quarterly 16000 Buy
Half-Yearly 30000 Buy
Yearly 50000 Buy

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