These stocks can be great earnings this DIWALI MONTH.

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IDEALSTOCK | Last week the domestic share markets made a good comeback. Sensex reached 35,000 and Nifty 50 index crossed 10,500. Bad October is expected to be better for the November market.

The top 10,700 and 10,840 levels will be important, while the bottom 10,290 will have to be watched. “Talking to select analysts, IDEALSTOCK some stocks that can give you a great return in November:

Tata Steel | Buy | Target Price: Rs 605 Stop loss: Rs 552

This stock has shown better robustness than the metal index and the major index. There are strong concrete
signals in this. There seems to be a better performance than the market. It’s your 50 business sessions Average support is available.


Hindalco | Buy | Target price: Rs 259. Stop loss: Rs 227

This stock has broken the scope of 230-210 rupees due to strong volumes. At the level of 230 rupees, this stock can reach up to 260 rupees. Businessmen can buy this fall.

DCB Bank | Buy | Target Price: Rs 170 Stop loss: Rs 152

This stock has built its base around the level of Rs 140. It has the power to achieve a level of Rs 173. This
has affected it in the current boom. Businesses can earn tax by investing in it.


Cell | Buy | Target price: 77 rupees. Stop loss: Rs 66.

This stock has consistently declined. It has recently set its base around Rs. 61. This stock can reach up to 77 rupees if it is above 67 level.

Maruti Suzuki | Buy | Target price: 7,700 rupees. Stop loss: Rs 6,800

After the rupee slumped to below the level of Rs 6,500, this stock came back very well. Due to the better
volume, it has broken its limited scope. This stock is supported by an average of 13 trading sessions. this

The stock is giving positive signals.

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Excel Crop Care | Buy | Target Price: Rs 4,650 Stop loss: Rs 3,600

On Friday, this stock performed better than the average. Because of this, the five-week high performance has reached. Other technical hints are also favoring this share. The average of 14 business sessions to buy Is pointing.

CG Power | Buy | Target price: Rs 43. Stop loss: Rs 35.50

This stock has declined for five weeks. But now it is recovering from it. It can cross the scope of its entire
decline. This stock is showing signs of solid acceleration.

HDFC | Buy | Target price: Rs 1,910-1,930 Stop loss: Rs 1,739

The continuous decline had rolled this stock up to Rs 1,740. This stock has returned to the weekly charts. This stock will be stronger than the better volume. On daily charts, it crossed the level of Rs 1,780. Other indicators of this stock are also pointing towards the speed.

Sterlite Technologies | Buy | Target Price: Rs 390-400. Stop loss: Rs 354

According to the weekly charts, this stock was constantly fluttering between levels of 370-270 rupees. Because the volume remained strong, the centimeter became stronger and stronger. This stock is steadily rising upwards Used to be. In the near future, it can make great earnings.

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Raymond | Buy | Target Price: Rs 790-805 Stop loss: Rs 729

The strength of the past week has put a break on the share of this stock. After the level of Rs 693, it has made a great return. Its better volumes also point to its speed. Also on weekly charts Its position is strong. It can continue fast.

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