Daily Opulent Trade

Segment-Stock Cash, Score between 210-300, Conservative Apetite, Package of 50 Calls


These services are specially design for those traders who want to stay invested for a short duration of time and want to earn small profit with limited predefined risk. The recommendations given under this product are based upon pattern formation & Indicators which are widely used in Technical Analysis.


The Daily Opulent Trade Specially designed for the Conservative Risk Appetite Traders:
The Objective of this product for recommendation will be highly liquid counters in between 9:15 to 3:30.want to earn good amount with limited predefined risk We research and recommend under this product are based absolutely upon pattern & Wave Analysis.


This product is suitable for those traders who have a basic understanding of the stock market and relatively aware of the risks involved in the trading in equity asset classes.


  • Fundamental and Technical call.
  • Stocks picked under this product for recommendation will be highly liquid in stock .

Key Benefits

  • We provide total 2/3 Recommendations in this package.
  • We provide total 50 Recommendations in this package.
  • Specially Designed for Intraday Traders.
  • Investors having “Low Risk” taking capacity should subscribe to this product.

Nature of Recommendation

  • All Recommendations based on Stock Cash Market.
  • All recommendations with Two Target and One SL.
  • Both buy and sell calls will be given in this product.
  • Recommendation count may vary based on the market conditions.

IDEAL Benefits

  • Access to Login Ideal Service Portal.
  • Real time Recommendations via SMS, Service Portal and Mobile-App Notification.
  • Assign a dedicated Relationship Manager.
  • Daily Market Updates- Opening Bell- Closing Bell.
  • International Market Update:- SGX-Nifty, Dowjones, Nasdaq, Shanghai.


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