Segment-Stock Option, Score between 301-450, Moderate Appetite, Package of 30 Calls


The Market Capitalization is a Key Standard to analyze before the stock selection to do trade. The Traders who having Moderate Risk Appetite for them The All-Cap Companies is best suited. Those who want to secure/preserve their capital and expected return from the market and trade securely in the market.


Option Stretegy Specially designed for the Conservative Risk Appetite Traders , Clients who wish to grab every Bull & Bear run of the market can register for this pack this pack will help client to sustain rational profit on their investment. Technical and fundamental analysis of stocks.


  • The maximum amount of gain is made when the stock remains at the at-the-money strikes of both the call and put that are sold.
  • The maximum gain is the total net premium received. It is purely intraday recommendations.


  • Technical and fundamental analysis of stocks.
  • This pack will help client to sustain rational profit on their investment in equity market segment.

Key Benefits

  • We provide total 30 Recommendations in this package.
  • An Stock Option Trader who wants to get advantage of Moderate risk.
  • Investors having “Moderate Risk” taking capacity should subscribe to this product.

Nature of Recommendation

  • All Recommendations based on Stock Option Market.
  • All Recommendations with Two Target and One SL.
  • Entry and exit on same day to avoid Carry-forward risk.
  • Maintaining Risk Reward Ratio 1:1.

IDEAL Benefits

  • Access to Login Ideal Service Portal.
  • Real time Recommendations via SMS, Service Portal and Mobile-App Notification.
  • Assign a dedicated Relationship Manager.
  • Daily Market Updates- Opening Bell- Closing Bell.
  • International Market Update:- SGX-Nifty, Dowjones, Nasdaq, Shanghai.


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