Ideal Strategies Pack

Segment-Stock Future, Score between 451-590, Moderate Apetite, Package of 30 Calls


There a so many Professional Psychologies exist in Capital Market about it's Fluctuations and Volatility, In order to become a SMART TRADER we also need to analyze the Arithmetic of Market Fluctuations. According to us every trade should have an equation with proper psychology about these three PRICE-MONEY-TIME.


The Ideal Strategies Package is a result of an unique Psychological Study to minimize the Volatility Risk of Market. Specially design for High Net-Worth Individuals. Recommendations of this package will be based on a Strategical Report of particular Stock which have different-different entry level. Traders Need to have minimum 4 Lot holding capacity of a Stock of Future Market. we may define it as an efforts to grab market BULL/BEAR Rally .


  • A Special Package for High Net-Worth Individuals..
  • All Recommendations based on STOCK FUTURE segment in the form of Report/Strategy.
  • Objective to minimize the Biggest one Volatility Risk.


  • Fundamental Views on overall performance at diff-diff Result's data of particular stock.
  • Entry will be based on overall trends of Fluctuation.
  • 52-Weeks cycle data also studied.

Key Benefits

  • We provide total 30 Recommendations in this package.
  • Specially Designed for Full Time and Professional Trader.
  • Only Selected Stocks of Nifty-50, May Be repeated.
  • All Entry and Exit in by Limit Order which should to be in the form of NRML/CARRY-FORWARD.

Nature of Recommendation

  • All Recommendations based on Stock Future Market.
  • Views may be for 3-5 Trading Session.
  • Recommendation with Only Entry Level. Stop Loss will given by ALERT Notification after Final Lot Execution.
  • Maintaining Risk Reward Ratio 1:1 one the basis of averaging point of total 4 Lot.
  • All Entries and exit strictly follow by only LIMIT ORDER.

IDEAL Benefits

  • Access to Login Ideal Service Portal.
  • Real time Recommendations via SMS, Service Portal and Mobile-App Notification.
  • Assign a dedicated Relationship Manager.
  • Daily Market Updates- Opening Bell- Closing Bell.
  • International Market Update:- SGX-Nifty, Dowjones, Nasdaq, Shanghai.


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